• PDN used a photo of mine for their latest cover. It’s a double honor to have my photo used for a magazine about photography. I really feel like I’m passing a litmus test here and I’m stoked about it. Really grateful to PDN for all the love this year. It means a lot.

  • I shot author Marlon James for today’s New York Times. His new novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings” is out today.

    Strangely enough, this was actually my first time working for the newspaper. I’m pretty excited with how it came out.

  • I’ve been working with J. Crew for two years now. They’re my most consistent client, but also my close friends. We’ve worked together on countless projects and stories. Today they’ve launched a beautiful home for all the work we’ve been creating. Check out the new J. Crew blog. I shot a majority of the photos on the page and have many more posts to come.

  • I did a story about fashion start-ups for Wired Japan. It was great working them. They published most of my riskier images, which is always a treat for me to see in print.

  • Alex G for Rolling Stone.

    I started subscribing to Rolling Stone when I was 11 years old. The magazine was really fundamental to defining my identity in those years. It’s really an honor to have my photo printed in the same magazine a dozen years later.

  • My “Before We Land” project is featured on Time’s Lightbox today. The project is an attempt to capture the fleeting moments of youth as we transition from our 20s to 30s. And it’s really validating to get a nod from Time for this work. I’m more inspired than ever to wring out the last few drops of sunlight from what’s left of this summer.

  • I shot the Crayola factory for Wired and traced the process of making crayons. So many colors and smells. I brought a colorblind assistant and I’m not sure if he got much out of it. It was a great shoot and nice to be in print for Wired after years and years of shooting for the Thanks, Ariel and Paloma.

  • Earlier this summer, I had a spread in an issue of Modern Farmer for a story on swimming holes. What a dream!

  • I did an interview with Jacob Pritchard about my work for J. Crew. It’s an interesting read if you’re into that kinda stuff. I appreciate Jacob for corralling my rambles.